Chairman’s Message


” The whole world has become highly concerned about global warming, environmental pollution, and adverse climate changes. This has emphasized the necessity for reducing the pollution and carbon emissions. To achieve this global strategic objective, it has become a mandatory requirement to speed up the utilization of renewable energy.

We are committed to support the global efforts by supplying clean solar energy. To achieve this strategic objective, we are committed to providing our Clients and Customers with high-quality products with the highest reliability, excellent performance, and competitive prices.

We give high attention to our customers’ requirements and needs. We strive to build up deeper and closer relationships with our customers.

In our journey to excellence, we work hard to consistently add value for customers by understanding, anticipating and fulfilling needs, expectations and opportunities. We also strive hard to create a sustainable future and develop the organizational capability. “


Eng. Omer B. O Ahmed
Chairman & CEO


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